Boutique Management

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Boutique Management (3 Months)

We, Rush & Danys, offer a trending course in ‘Boutique Management. The course will help students develop knowledge of the boutique or outlet and arrangement of resources as per space and customer profile. This Rush & Danys Boutique Management Course will also help students develop the ability to independently interpret the relationship between design, fabric, market, color, and figures. After completing the course, the students will be able to make patterns of Blouses, Skirts, Salwar, Kameez, different types of tops, etc. Along with these tactics, the students will also be learning the concepts of marketing and customer handling under the course.

The course deals with the following key areas.
  • Elementary Tailoring Techniques.
  • Surface ornamentation.
  • Basics of Fabric types & Drapes.
  • Basic Illustration.
  • Entrepreneurship.


The Rush & Danys course aims to provide students with basic knowledge in the domain of Boutique Management and to train them with the nuances in the field to emerge as proficient professionals with an adequate knowledge base and competent skills.